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Professor Deyle Wins SHA Book Prize
Posted: January 03, 2007

Steven Deyle's book, Carry Me Back: The Domestic Slave Trade in American Life, was recently awarded the Bennett H. Wall Award by the Southern Historical Association as the best book on southern business or economic history published in 2004 or 2005.  He received this award at the association’s annual meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, in November.

Professor Deyle’s book examines both the fundamentals of the domestic slave trade, or the buying and selling of American-born slaves, and the larger impact that it had on American society.  According to one of the book’s reviewers:

"Carry Me Back is a book we have long needed—a synthetic, region-wide treatment of the domestic slave trade.  Deyle's deep research and lucid writing convincingly show that the sale and transport of human property from the upper to lower South was a national tragedy of epic proportions, a grand economic enterprise that both forged the Cotton Kingdom and was the root of its undoing.  Behold!  The story of how the largest source of wealth in antebellum America belongs at the center of our national narrative, and how it haunts us still."

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