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Blog on Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations Site    

Curriculum Vitae

Radical History
History 3321, U.S. Foreign Policy (mini-semester 2010-11)
U.S. Foreign Policy
Grad Readings in Twentieth Century U.S. History (History 6393, Spring 2007)
History 1378

History 1377

Empire, War, & Revolution (History 6393, Fall 2006)
Capitalism and Globalization (Fall 2009/6393) 
War, Globalization, and Terrorism (Fall 2005/3394)
 Post-1945 U.S. (History 6393, Spring 2005)
Viet Nam War
Films on History and Politics at UH--Fall 2003
  America Since 1945 (History 3394, Fall 2005)    
DE Teaching Award, 2006 
Book Review Workshop 2007  

"Closed Consulates and Closed Minds: Bush's Last Shot at Ch
ávez" [History News Network]

"Spreading the Wealth Around?  Why Not?  []
"Bring Back Glass-Steagall?"   [History News Network]
Op-Ed on Bush's Vietnam/Cambodia Analogy  [Houston Chronicle
"Iraq War" in Berkshire, Global Perspectives on the U.S.   ( 123 4 )
"Rogue State, Redux: The Bush Junta" (Counterpunch)
Is George Bush "The Manchurian Candidate?" (History News Network)
"Déjà Vu All Over Again? 1968 and 2006" w/ James Carter  (History News Network)
"Hawks as Doves: Military Dissent in Vietnam and Iraq"  (Colonel John B. McKinney Lecture,
Center for the Study of War and Society, University of Tennessee, 21 September 2006 and audio)
"Fear and (Self) Loathing in Lubbock, or How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Love Vietnam and Iraq"
and SHAFR Passport Version   
Bernath Lecture: "What Happened to the New Left?"
"El Salvador is Spanish For Vietnam": The Legacy of the Vietnam Peace Movement
Essay on Anti-Imperialism
"The Vietnam War: Capitalism, Communism, and Containment" 
"The American Military's Rationale Against the Vietnam War" 
"Where's the Beef? Culture without Power in the Study of U.S. Foreign Relations" 
Op-Ed on  25th Anniversary of Vietnam War (Baltimore Sun)

Op-Ed on Elian Gonzalez  (Newsday)
Op-Ed on War against Afghanistan  (Houston Chronicle)
How Did Iraq and the U.S. Become Enemies? (History News Network)
Op-Ed on War against Iraq (Houston Chronicle)   
Op-Ed on Fast Track and NAFTA  (Houston Chronicle)
Op-Ed on Race and Class in the Military (Dallas Morning News)
Op-Ed on Double Standards in War   (Houston Chronicle)
Op-Ed on Kerry and Vietnam War (The Guardian)
Op-Ed on Reagan's Legacy  (Houston Chronicle)
Pacifica Caves In to Zionist Smears (Counterpunch)
Masters of War (Cambridge University Press, 1996)
Vietnam and the Transformation of American Life (Blackwell Publishers, 1999)
A Companion to the Vietnam War (Blackwell Publishers, 2002)

Activism and Politics
Why Is KPFT Being "Honored?"
UH Profs Criticize Alumni Award to Tom Delay
2003 Anti-Globalization Actions
Houston Global Awareness Collective (HGAC)
"The History They Didn't Teach You in School"
Afghanistan Event

Interview w/ Noam Chomsky, 13 September 2001  
"Cracks in the Empire," Houston Peace Festival, April 2003 
Edward Said Memorial, 2 October 2003  
Discussion of Vietnam at University of Memphis, April 2005 
Noam Chomsky @ UH, 18 October 2002 (12,   3
Jennifer Harbury @ UH  (12
Talk on 1960s @ University of Memphis 

Other Stuff
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