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This is Robert and Jimmy
at their 1994 MTV "Unledded" concert... and on their album cover.

Publicity Shots

'No Quarter' Album Cover

Publicity Shot 1: Robert and Jimmy grinning

Publicity Shot 2: Jimmy staring at camera

Publicity Shot 3: Robert lounging, Jimmy watching

Publicity Shot 4: Robert and Jimmy with angel in background

Publicity Shot 5: Robert gazing at wire ball, Jimmy at the floor

Publicity Shot 6: Robert clowning, Jimmy laughing (reversed image)

Plant/Page FeatherZoso symbol

Concert ad from Washington, DC - 23 March 95


Led Zeppelin in concert - Robert sings leaning against Jimmy

Live Aid - Robert at mic, Jimmy with doubleneck

Live Aid - Robert and Jimmy sing "Whole Lotta Love"

Live Aid - Robert and Jimmy share a mic during "Whole Lotta Love"

Robert Plant in Wales - head shot (UnLedded)

Jimmy Page in Pensacola - head bowed, playing (1995 tour)

Robert Plant in Pensacola - hanging on mic (1995 tour)

Robert Plant in Pensacola - gesturing, in vest (1995 tour)

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