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The Center for Public History

The Center for Public History (CPH), which began in 1984, is the administrative unit of the UH Public History program responsible for curriculum, degree programs, research, and outreach. The primary mission of the CPH is to train graduate students for history-related positions in the community through a rigorous, professional program leading to the MA in Public History or the Minor in Public History for both the MA and PhD degrees. Martin Melosi is the Director of the Center.

CPH also conducts meaningful research of benefit to the public. Students and faculty associated with CPH have directed or worked on projects for several local and regional institutions, including the Harris County Commissioners Court, the City of Houston, METRO, Manchester Terminal Corporation, Gulfport Shipyard, the Houston Bar Association, Galveston Bay, the Hilton Hotel and the hospitality industry, the Houston Park System, the Houston Galveston Area Council and several units of the University of Houston. Students also have participated in corporate and legal history endeavors for entities such as Panhandle Eastern Corporation, Baker & Botts law firm, and Shell Oil through the Humanities and the Professions Program.

Community outreach remains central to the CPH mission. Since many of the CPH activities have involved the history of our region, we created the HOUSTON HISTORY PROJECT  to coordinate future projects.

The Center for Public History also houses the Encyclopedia of American Environmental History. Kathleen Brosnan is the editor of the encyclopedia, and Martin Melosi, Joseph Pratt, and Robert Thompson are serving as associate editors. The four-volume encyclopedia will be published by Facts On File in 2008. Please contact with any questions about the encyclopedia or if you are interested in contributing an entry.

Contact Information
Stephannie Fuglaar
Public History Coordinator
Ph: (713) 743-3087

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